Mac Users - OS-X LogMeIn Setup Instructions

This tool allows our technician to securely connect to your computer.
For help during the installation, you may call Malibu Tech Support at 1-877-570-8333.

LogMeIn Setup Instructions

Please follow these steps:

First of all, make sure you're sitting at the Mac you wish to enable for remote control.

Click here to download LogMeIn Free for Mac software
As the package contains an application, you will be asked to confirm download, you must click "Continue".
Once the download has finished, your Mac will ask if you wish to continue with the installation. You must click "Continue".
The installer will start. Click "Continue" and follow the instructions to proceed with the installation.
The terms and conditions screen will display. You must click "Continue" and then "Agree".

The installer will now ask for your LogMeIn account details (not your Mac computer user account). These are needed so the LogMeIn software on your Mac computer can be linked with your LogMeIn account and be reached from anywhere.
You must enter the email address:


If your LogMeIn account contains more than one profile, then you must select it on the next screen.
The installer will prompt you for a computer name. This will be used to identify the computer later.
To install or upgrade, you will be required to enter your name and password for your Mac computer (not your LogMeIn account). Enter this information and click "OK" to start the installation.
You will then be prompted for a location for the installation. If a location is not pre-selected, click on the hard drive you wish to install to. Then click "Continue".
If you are upgrading from a previous version of LogMeIn Free for Mac, you will see a screen describing this. Click "Upgrade" to continue to the next step.
The screen will then display messages and a progress bar to show the installation taking place.

Great job! Now you should be ready for our technician to connect to your computer and help you with any issues that you may have. Please call us to let us know when we should connect.